Two weeks ago at Impact Wrestling, Japanese sensation and newly crowned TNA X Division champ Sanada, 5'11", 225#, beat Jessie Godderz, 5'10", 220#, one half of the champion tag team the BroMans. I liked this match more than I thought I would. (See it here on YouTube.)  If I could get it in writing that 15 percent or more of cable-TV wrestling will be at least this tasty, I would get on the phone to Time-Warner Cable this second. (Except for DVDs and Internet downloads, I have been off regular television for about four years.) Both wrestlers are hot, and the action is brisk, though clearly on the white-bread side of the wrestling spectrum. There's not a lot of violent intensity or homoerotic heat to be found, but a couple of hard bodies like these can inspire the imagination.

Jessie: pumped up, cocky, and ready to take charge of his opponent

Jessie squares off against Sanada: the two itching to get all over each other

Jessie starts off on top, bearing down on Sanada, showing him who's boss

Jessie punches Sanada in the midsection and gives his hair a savage rip

Jessie, totally cocksure of himself, ready to ride Sanada all night

Jessie roughs up Sanada in the corner, just because he can

Jessie gets a scare as Sanada nearly pins him 



Jessie knocked for a loop by Sanada's flying dropkick: seeing stars

Sanada hoists Jessie for a big kersplat

Sanada triumphant, Jessie's body sprawled at his feet


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