The Wrath of Black Dragon*

There's probably no knowing the true identity of Black Dragon. Ahem. No, really. UCW's contribution to the time-honored tradition of grotesque racial stereotyping in wrestling has been embodied by a lot of different bodies, including rising stars and former UCW champions. Of all the Black Dragon matches, I consider this latest one [#347] the sexiest (and this the sexiest embodiment of the Dragon, too). 

Kinky Nick Diesel, a former UCW champion (for about 20 seconds), takes on the mysterious "Japanese Muscle" in a wild, woolly brawl that, despite its jokiness, is pretty intense. Tough killing-machine that he is, Diesel succeeds in stripping Black Dragon of almost everything but his mask. (In my heart of hearts, I have hoped it would be Hiro, UCW's authentically Japanese wrestler and rapidly rising star, who would get to kick the ass of Black Dragon and unmask him for the shameful fraud he is.) 

Along the way, we get the usual kicks, chokes, punches, and some pretty outstanding leg work. Upping the sexy-time quotient is Black Dragon's striptease down to a black G-string and plenty of compromising positions that will have your grandmother scratching her head and asking whether this is プロレス [puroresu] or ゲイポルノ [geiporuno]. Does it have to be just one or the other?

* 黒龍の怒り [Kokuryū no ikari]


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