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Rock Hard Wrestling launches a new series, King of the Ring*, with this contest between Jake Jenkins and Josh Steel, two of my favorite RHW wrestlers. The idea is that the man who cranks three submissions out of his opponent in five (or under) rounds is "king." Both Josh and Jake have blended heel and babyface qualities from the beginning of their careers, and the luxury of five possible rounds gives both dreamboats time to work their magic in long form. 

Josh has never been meatier. Here he is cocky, belligerent, and itching to whittle Jake down--or maybe the honey-skinned beefcake is just begging for one hell of a payback. I can't say. Jake is evolving into a rawboned gladiator, who is very possibly indestructible. Lately, RHW has been playing up Jake's veteran status, pairing him with every rookie upstart the company can hurl into the ring at him. This contest, however, pits two accomplished superstars against each other.

For me every shot of this fight is a money shot. And to think RHW's cameras capture every second of it in flesh-tone-loving high definition! Both men work up a quick sweat in Round 1. It's hard for me to root for just one of them. Forced to choose, though, I'd drop my elbow upon luscious Josh in a heartbeat. The two ring stars split the first two rounds between them, but the true ring "king" takes the next two, zipping up the battle in just four rounds.

I love every minute of this fight, wishing only that it lasted the full five rounds. Each wrestler commands the ring with the kind of confidence and attitude that I've been long hoping to see him exhibit. It's a stellar matchup of two kick-ass artists near the top of their game. A potential problem is that I can't see the King of the Ring series ever topping this first one, but I'd like to see them try.

* I quote Bob at RHW:
We are both thrilled and proud to offer a new type of match series, called ‘KING OF THE RING.’ These matches will feature our hottest, superstar wrestlers competing against one another in a best of five contest. The winner will need to make his opponent submit in three rounds in order for him to declare himself as King of the Ring. Each match will feature mind-blowing action, wall-to-wall sweat-soaked muscle, exceptional wrestling, and perhaps a few surprises!


  1. Thanks Joe for your match review - I was waiting for it before deciding :) I'll take that as a BUY recommendation if ever I saw one. Cheers!

  2. Photos of Jake are always welcome. Need to see more of Austin Cooper as well, Thanks

  3. i assume you've seen:

    1. Assume nothing. I have not seen this ... not yet! How did I miss this? And, Jiminy Christ, why isn't the full match listed on the Movimus site? Thanks for the link, Dale.

  4. Oh man -- what a bout. Lean, low, easy, verbal. plenty. Thanks.


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