United Wrestling Coalition (UWC) has just posted pretty good (though mostly stationary) footage of the debut of Buff Johnny Graber against out-of-shape heel Dave Patera, right here. Dave, who in the spirit of kayfabe claims to be an Olympian, weighing 350 pounds, is cowardly and crooked, fleeing the ring when he first discovers how powerful his opponent is and hiding his punches to Graber's mouth from the ref. The crowd is crap, from the looks of things on the video--mostly unresponsive, some of them looking like they're at a Quaker prayer meeting. But, of course, it's Buff Johnny who grabs my attention, from the moment he pulls off his T-shirt to his kneeling victory pose over Dave, whose clock has just been cleaned.

Wrestling fans can be divided according to whether they like wrestlers to enter in robes or jackets or T-shirts or already bare-chested. I can be swayed on this point, but watching Buff peel off his T-shirt, I think a good argument can be made for that being the best. It resonates with my memories of the high-school locker room after PE. It's a relatively quick reveal, but a teasing one, sort of like when cameras glide up a starlet's legs up to her face on the Oscars red carpet.

Buff shows Patera and the crowd what biceps ought to look like

Buff stretches against the ropes while Patera attempts to rile up the fans

It begins--Graber looking fit

Patera may be "350 pounds", but Buff has no trouble controlling him on the mat

Graber works a flailing Patera

1 ... 2 ...

... ahh shit!

Graber rides his man

A body slam shows Patera what a real wrestler can do

Foul play--man, is Patera gonna get his!

Moment of truth, as Buff prepares to finish Patera

Dave gets nailed!


  1. There's not a single bad image of Graber, but there aren't any really outstanding ones either. For one thing, as nice as his back is--though not in a a Devitt class,by far--there's just too many shots of his. And most of the others have his torso obscured. It just leaves me wanting more. Oddly, Google Search comes up with much the same thing.


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