Demolition Men 4

I reviewed BG East's Demolition 16, the most recent number in the series, in the spring of last year. It's a star vehicle, in which Austin Cooper explores his mean side by brutally punishing Rio Garza and Mister E. The DVD consists of just two matches, whereas earlier Demolition numbers contain three or four. Cool-as-a-cucumber Austin never fails to please me, in both his physique and attitude and his holds and moves, so in my mind he can carry the DVD alone; even so, I would have preferred three or four matches to two.

Although quite convincing as a babyface, as a heel Coop is methodical, unruffled, and totally engrossed in demolishing his opponent. That right there describes my heel ideal, that, along with wholesome good looks and a physique that never fails to make my mouth water. There are a lot of shoulda-been Demolition Men I guess we'll never get to see--Beau Nasty, Caleb Brand, Dick the Prick, Doug Warren, Dark Rogers, and Cliff Conlin. (Can you think of others? My mind's gone blank.) Excellent prospects for future Demolition Men include, in my opinion, Guido Genatto, Kid Karisma, Chace LaChance, Brute Baynard, Dev Michaels, Mitch Colby, Cage Thunder, Eddy Rey, and, of course, Lane Hartley. And is Alexi Adamov as a demolisher too much for me to hope for?

Though it's not tailor-made to my tastes (but what is?), Demolition is a terrific series, one that's been amazingly dependable in stirring my juices. After thirteen months without a new addition to the series, we're due another one, especially as we celebrate the series' twentieth anniversary. It's coming, I'm sure, and it's a safe bet that we'll see some new faces among the Demolition Men and their prey. As for Austin, I hope he plans to don his black leather vest again soon, perhaps as part of a demolition team, reuniting with (or fighting) his former partner Jake Jenkins. Just saying those last eleven words causes my fly zip to quiver like a sack of hummingbirds.


  1. In these four Demolition posts, IMO, the stand-outs are Cooper, Archer, Mazetti, memory! I finish this in a sec.

  2. The last stand-out is Cassidy.


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