Demolition Men

BG East is Disneyland for heels. I love heels almost as much as BGE does, and the Demolition series, along with Hunkbash and Jobberpaloozer, is designed specifically to cater to their needs, among them being crippling destruction of typically blameless jobbers. Although I'm generally in favor of bad guys getting their comeuppance in the end and give-and-take matches that are nailbiters to the last minute, I can appreciate the macho exuberance of destruction for its own sake, and in the last few years I have warmed up to the idea of one-sided fights.

So far BGE has released sixteen videos in the series, containing over fifty individual matches starring some of the finest talents on the roster. I recently acquired the missing numbers to complete my private collection, and in celebration here (and in three future installments) are shots of every match to date (more complete photo coverage is available on The Arena @BGEast), beginning with the first, which the company released in 1994, twenty years ago.

Terry Reed on Trevor Steele

Psycho Capone on Barry Longshaw

Kid Vicious on Rob Berlin

Donnie Russo on Shawn Miller

Clint Morgan on Bryan

Sal Bruno on Ken Canada

Brad Rochelle on Billyboy

Kid Vicious on Jeff Jordan

Dom the Dominator on Brad Rochelle

Dane Tarsen on Ian Nesbitt

Ramon Dacosta on Mike Columbo

Brooklyn Bodywrecker on Mark Nelson

Kid Leopard on Ken Decker

Mikey Vee on Steve Sherwood

To be continued ...


  1. As weird as it sounds, one of the things I really liked about BGE when I started buying stuff was the clarity of their organizing principles. You always knew what you were getting with series like Hard Pros, Hunkbash, Demolition, Fantasymen, X-Fights, etc. It definitely helps the buyer not be disappointed, although there were occasionally times when I'd think a match belonged in a different series. Interestingly, it seems to be unique to them. Maybe because they have so much more variety than anyone else.

    Demolition has too many great matches to go through, but some early ones that still stand out for me are Clint Morgan vs. Bryan, Blaze vs. Mike Colombo, Brad vs. Dom and Nick Archer's short run as a heel. Damn, I wish Nick had done more.


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