Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control

UCW-Wrestling keeps churning them out fast and cheap. It's more than an ordinary fan can keep up with. The company specializes in wild, disorderly melees, each typically running for a full 30 minutes or more at bargain-basement prices (fifteen bucks a pop, with weekly specials as low as five dollars).  Two recent releases focus on champions (one current, one former) putting a couple of new guys through their paces: in #350 Eli Black puts the hurt on Hiro (with ex-champ Michael Hannigan acting as ref) and in #351 Hannigan humiliates rookie Oliver Wood, on several occasions grinding him up against the bare cinderblock wall.

If those two matches aren't hectic enough for you, there's UCW's latest release (#352), one more of its long string of "lost" videos (I'm starting to think somebody in the company needs to check out this page). This one calls  again on the talents of ex-champ Michael Hannigan, who teams up with Stay*c Adams for a two-on-one battle against Axel. The deal is that Axel's partner (Aron) is a no-show, leaving Axel to fight the duo alone.

Axel's doing just fine until, about halfway through the match, Michael and Stay*C start double-teaming him, which, as you might expect, turns the tide of the match rather speedily. At last, Aron shows up, too late to be of much use to Axel. You might think Aron would offer the poor guy some aid and support after everything Axel's just gone through.

Well, think again ...


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