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Won't somebody please please please raise some funds to buy top-notch video equipment for still-photographers Brennan Brosseau and Archie Henderson so that the brilliant action images these guys capture at ringside show after show at ECCW can be enjoyed in motion?

Their work (and, let's face it, the work of the promoters and some of the finest ring entertainers in regional wrestling) is a constant, torturous tease. The still shots give me a wrestling fan's version of blue balls, never fully relieved by the mile-away stationary camerawork on the company's YouTube channel (which, just the same, is better than nothing).

Due to longstanding "financial embarrassment" (i.e. community-college salary in a red state, a job and a state that I tragically love) I can't presently afford to fly to British Columbia once, much less for every show. But I am jonesing for high-quality video of these spectacular, crowd-pleasing matches.

Check out Brosseau's stunning images of ECCW's May 2nd show Kelowna Invasion 2, which closed with a six-man battle between Scotty Mac, Jordie Taylor, and Daniel Adonis, on the one (wrong) side, and Val Venis and the team of Cougar Meat (Kyle Sebastian and Collin Cutler) on the other (good guys') side. (More shots of this match here on Facebook.)

Limbering up with Scotty Mac

Jordie Taylor and Daniel Adonis in the ring

Val Venis works Adonis

Venis pummels Taylor

Cutler gets a lift from Taylor

Adonis kersplats one succulent chunk of Cougar Meat

Taylor hauls Sebastian

Mac kersplats Cutler

Sebastian kersplats Taylor

All hell breaks loose in the ECCW ring


  1. Completely agree, they have some of the most spunk worthy wrestlers coming through that fed, and use of a stationary camera placed high and far from the ring captures all of the action, but from such a distance as to make it un-watchable. I thought at first they did this as a means to sell DVD's, as I have been known to discover a poor video quality youtube video taken by a fan which led to my purchase of the clear and high def DVD from smartmark or the fed that promoted the fight directly, but with ECCW there does not appear to be any other camera work being done, as the presence of a second videoographer is not visible. Such a waste of what could be a high quality video archive of what is clearly some of the most talented Indy fighters in the circuit today.

  2. Maybe someone should write to them with this dissatisfaction and suggest a crowdfunding appeal. I'd hope that there'd be enough fans willing to cough up enough money that they could upgrade their equipment and therefore the resulting video record and fan satisfaction.

  3. I sent a Message with the first three paragraphs of Joe's post and topher's comment to ECCW, along with a one sentence suggestion about crowd-funding. I wonder if they'll reply.

  4. That's great that people appreciate the photography of Brennan and Archie. Filming a show is more than just having equipment. There is also the issue of editing, which takes time and specific skills. Rest assured we are always looking for opportunities to work with people with those skills.
    Mary DIaz

    1. A quick and thoughtful response to your query, Almatolmen. I'm glad, and I hope she connects with the people with the skills and time to give us quality ECCW video. Years ago, she expressed an interest in this blog. Mary Diaz and her company have been supporters of the LGBTQ community for a long time, before it became widely acceptable in pro wrestling, on top of running some of the best live wrestling shows on the continent.

    2. I hope that they do actively seek such persons and the technology for them to use. In the press of business, it's so easy to not bother to fix what doesn't seem broken. Maybe a few more folks writing to them might help them to put it higher on their priority list.

    3. Why? Is there broadcast-quality video available?

    4. no, you guys just mentioned starting crowd funding effort to get better equipment. just wondered how much $$ do you need.

    5. Damn. In answer to your actual question, I have no idea. But according to Mary Diaz of ECCW, the camera would not be enough. We'd need to buy a fulltime cameraman too. And for best quality, probably cameras and cameramen, plural. Sigh.


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