Ring Masters

The drama of this highly entertaining Wrestling Stars tag-team match last February in Montereau, France, is worth the frustrations of the camerawork, a handheld but high-def video camera in the second row, partially obstructed by the heads of two guys in the front row. (Watch it here.) The deservedly adored team of Warren Brady (in red, from the UK) and Jay White (in white, from New Zealand) take on the sneaky cowards Jack Hammer (in black, from Austria) and the UK Kid (in purple, from, no surprise, the UK).

All four wrestlers are knockouts. Brady and White are gym-toned perfection and work the crowd into a slobbering frenzy from the moment they swagger to the ring. The Kid and Hammer are as devious as they are sexy and powerful, distracting the ref, punching with closed fists whenever they think they can get away with it, double-teaming against cute young Jay, and then skulking outside the ropes when White and Brady fire up. 

My favorite parts are anytime the Kid and Jay are paired off against each other, and likewise Jack versus Warren. A high point is the double, synchronized beatdowns in opposite corners--hard to swallow as realistic, but no less exciting for being obviously choreographed. The last six or seven suspenseful minutes of the 18-minute battle lead to a dramatic payoff.

The photos above are taken from Wrestling Stars' Catchorama Facebook page, which also contains crisp, clean images of the Gianni Leone match I reviewed earlier this month. (In March Beefcakes of Wrestling published some other shots of the tag-team event.) Though technically inferior to the still shots, the ringside video's perspective provides a better sense of the thrills and spectacle. The tag-team showdown and Leone-vs-Machine occurred in the same show, which causes me to wonder what I was doing the night of February 28th that was so important that I could not be in Montereau.


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