An arm-wrestling challenge is no way to draw me in to a wrestling match. It's sedentary, the drama is minuscule, and all it proves is that the victor has one body part stronger than the loser does. I can't get into it, and it's a weak start for UCW-Wrestling's introduction to Jax, 5'6", 135#, the newest addition to its roster (in video #353). It's Jax who instigates the test of strength, and even his opponent and trainer Axel tells him it's "cheesy." Fortunately, the rest of the match is pure gold. 

Jax looks representative of the kind of wrestler UCW draws, slimly built, pale skin, but better than average in looks. He's a no-nonsense guy who likes to scrap, and if he can make some cash doing it, why not? I like the new kid's self-confidence in initiating the fight. He seems determined to take control and presumes to teach the ex-champ a thing or two about wrestling. 

We, of course, know where this is probably heading. After a dead heat between the two right arms, Jax shortcuts to the real action by creating a diversion and then slapping Axel across the face. The ruse serves him well for about, oh, thirty seconds. Then Axel assumes control ... and maintains it for the greater part of the 29-minute battle.

But there's no writing Jax off. He is resilient, hard to pin, reluctant to submit. He may not know as much about wrestling as Axel, but he's no poser. The rookie learns fast and moves fast and reckless. More important, he is unafraid of a dirty fight, a UCW specialty. Jax can handle all the pain and bodily stress Axel serves up and at one point takes a body slam, backbreaker, against-the-wall punch session, and a kick to the groin in fast succession and still comes back, all pistons firing. 

As the match proceeds, Jax proves that he is more Axel's equal than a newcomer has the right to be. And tricky. And Axel had better not underestimate Jax's strength and resourcefulness or else someday soon this promising nineteen-year-old Coloradan may be putting the onetime champion out to pasture. UCW's latest is not to be missed. Jax is a presence fans will be talking about.


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