Man Size

You are looking into the face of I Don't Give a Shit. In Ring Rookies 4, one of five titles comprising BG East's Summer Sizzlers 5, released on Thursday a week ago, Big Barry Burke is so confident he can kick Zori Leone's pony-tailed ass that he agrees to fight him with one hand tied behind his back. 

The deal doesn't go well for Barry. Zori has a field day tormenting the one-armed hulk. It's all shits and giggles for Zori, making the he-man grovel at his feet and pushing him to the ropes for some casual strangulation. It has to be a rush to have that much muscle cringing, totally at your mercy. It looks like fun.

What Mr. Leone probably did not think through is that eventually that hand tied behind Burke's back would come untied. Oh, yeah, that's right. Round Two is Payback Time, and once Big Barry gets his paws on the smooth, good-looking rookie, Zori's feeling pain in places he forgot he had on his body. 

Comeuppance: it's still my favorite aphrodisiac. 


  1. So WOW!

    That’s indy wrestler Brian Cage! It’s so interesting to see more “regular” indy “stars” entering the BG arena. They definitely bring some new flavor to the BG mats … awesome!

    1. I *thought* that was Brian Cage too! Wish I could really see this match now hearing about what happens to Cage. Maybe Brian Cage should be tagged in this post too?

  2. Love love love LOVE this match!


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