Riding Roughshod Over J.J.

Yesterday The Arena @BGEast released a VOD of a match I privately previewed last month, the main event of BGE's soon-to-be-released Demolition 17, which may be my favorite BGE release ... ever. I am talking about all four matches scheduled to appear on this disk, but especially this one, in which savage Guido Genatto demolishes the courageous, gorgeous, but ultimately ill-fated Jake Jenkins.

Genatto is the most amazing brute ever to appear at BG East. Not exactly pinup material, Guido still has loads of sex appeal, steeped in psychosis, macho masculinity at its muskiest, and a keen intuition for sadistic head games. In previous BGE matches he clobbered his way through Flash LaCash and Kip Sorell. Now the company gives him his juiciest morsel yet: Jake Jenkins, not only beautiful but also strong and competent on the mat and in the ring.

Competent, yes. But unbeatable? Read the title, guys.
Dem-o-li-tion (n.) the act or process of wrecking or destroying, taken from the Latin demoliri, to tear the fuck apart. 
No, I don't think things are going to go well for our Mr. Jenks, not one bit. My heart may still yearn for Jake to effect a miraculous reprisal in the final three minutes, but I'm here to inform you, "It ain't gonna happen." Jake is doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed.

"I'm so fuckin' great, and you're so fuckin' pathetic," Genatto crows, plopping his foot upon Jake's lumbar vertebrae. Guido is a one-man gauntlet of punishing submission holds, and in this match he treats Jake to a smorgasbord of pain, dishing up big fat dollops of humiliation, intimidation, and future healthcare expenses. Under these conditions, the best I can say for Jake, no stranger to the tao of heelery himself, is that nobody twitches more prettily. 


  1. I love watching and hearing JJ suffer!!!!!

  2. Not our Jake! The title brought to mind the need for an ambulance since Jake was being ridden over. As the tale unfolded any JJ hope deteriorated gloomily and fast. By the time of the first "doomed" word the eerie melody with the lyrics, "X marks the spot where the body was last seen," echoed in my brain. To mitigate Jake's future healthcare expenses just send him to my...uh....domicile...my....uh...facility. I'll see that he gets what I need.

  3. If he needs a specialist, I'm available...


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