Slicked Up

I really didn't need the encouragement, but it was my friend Joseph on Facebook (same name as mine but he's a lot cuter) who stoked my determination to see the UCW-Wrestling oil match between Eli Black and Johnny Deep (the "father" of UCW oil wrestling). Joseph gives the match [#354] five stars:
***** it is a classic for me, Eli states oiling up that he's getting turned on and I think it does [turn him on] because it amps up his testosterone and he becomes extremely brutal and arrogant. I loved this match.
I love oil matches, period. And I am huge on Eli and Johnny, especially the two of them together. I think this makes the fourth time they have squared off against each other. And as much as I have loved those other fights, this one tops them ... with oil. Skin that glistens sketches out the underlying muscles in glossy detail, and the frictionless glide of skin upon skin approximates what I think wrestling should be like under water ... or in zero-gravity space. The wrestlers become their own Slip 'N Slide.

Frankly, I can't argue with Joseph's five-star rating. The match sums up everything that the equation Black + Deep + olive oil would suggest to any imaginative wrestling fan. It's hot, it's fierce, it's dirty. Add to that the sight of the loser getting stripped buck naked after he's been knocked out--and what else can you call it but "a classic"? It's difficult to see Eli and Johnny this slicked up and entangled without feeling one's own testosterone amp up. And, gentlemen, that is the reason we love wrestling.


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