For the Love of Pete

Handsome 6'3", 209# Pete Bouncer has his hands full taking on Mankind-wannabe 6'5", 265# Jaxx. Uninspired camerawork and editing mar the just-posted GWF match from last April (see it here on YouTube), as well as a ref who, in the cherished tradition of TV wrestling, consistently manages to get his butt between the camera and the ring action. 

The match goes heavy on corner work, including strangulation and a corner ten-count. But the extreme high-contrast video continually misses the moves that could have given narrative coherence to a halfway decent fight. The match succeeds at warming up the crowd. The fans love Bouncer in stretch camo tights, and why shouldn't they? They love him no less for frequently being in peril than for staunchly holding his own against his bigger, more brutish opponent.

Pete suffers nobly and prevails in the end in a sudden, not-well-documented reversal. Rick Baxxter, Pete's cohort in the CB2 stable of wrestlers, rushes to the ring to share the limelight and raise Bouncer's arm in victory. Then Rick unexpectedly turns on Pete, beating his buddy down to the canvas before grabbing the mic to announce the formation of his vanity stable "Planet Baxxter," thus killing any momentum the surprise attack might have initiated.

This match is probably not the best introduction to Bouncer, but those, like me, with an established interest in the German stud will at least find it of some interest.


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