Punching Bag

I can think of plenty of reasons to be excited about BG East's newly published Catalog 104.2. One is the opener for Undagear 22, a match between BGE newcomers Archer (5'9", 160#) and Jakeno Enzi (6', 185#). This instant personal favorite starts out as for-funs sparring and builds to a bust-his-nuts finish. Archer is smooth, cool, and sexy as ever, but it's big tough Jakeno that puts cream in my coffee at the start of this runaway battle between agility and body mass. Archer does more than his share of the legwork in this contest, and his moves are a seminar in the martial arts.  Like the other names listed in the credits to number 22 (Mason Brooks, Kid Karisma, Ray Naylor, and Skrapper) Archer and Jakeno know the ins and outs of mat wrestling, and they give us the genuine article here, launching the latest in the popular series in high style. The match stretches past the decisive third fall, with only one man vertical and conscious as the camera fades to black at the end.


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