An insanely entertaining opener to a thoroughly engrossing title match in June from Lutte NCW. Jesse Champagne, 5'9", 185#,  flaunts and flourishes his championship belt right in front of handsome Eddy ErDogan, 5'11", 195#. This is Eddy's third try at taking the belt off Jesse, and at the moment he is fired up and hungry. It's not a good time for Jesse to mess with the young buck's head.

Eddy highkicks Jesse before the bell sounds, before Jesse has time to doff his beautiful red robe. Then he marches the champ to all four corners of the ring, delivering a resounding beatdown at each corner. He tears open the lapels of the robe, backs Jesse to the ropes, and wales on the arrogant heel's chest.

The craven coward rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring, seeking the comfort of his valet Mademoiselle Rachelle's arms. Eddy goes after him and slaps the shit out of him right in front of his woman. He yanks the robe off and starts braining Jessie against the metal barricades. 

Smooth, crowd-pleasing Eddy is owning the champ. And I'm in his corner even though I've never laid eyes on him before this match. Back in the ring Jesse springs an attack while Eddy is reentering the ring and, for his effort, gets balls full of Eddy's fist and a smack of Eddy's boot to the side of the head. An elbow drop has the champ pleading for mercy.

A bodyslam turns the tide but only for a second, and the give-and-take portion of the match takes over ... in and out of the ring. But too much time out of the ring robs the match of the closure I'm craving. The match ends with a double countout, disappointing, but then it takes five or six black-shirted security guys to pry these boys loose of each other. Not satisfied to walk away with belt still in hand, Jesse chomps down on Eddy's flesh, painting his mouth red with his challenger's blood. 

This match caught me totally by surprise and I loved every second of it, even tolerating the no-win ending. I'm especially impressed with young tough Eddy. ErDogan and Champagne prove what I already knew, that you don't have to be swole or cut like a hornet to steam up the room with pitch-perfect attitude and hot-as-firecrackers wrestling.

(Watch the match here on YouTube.)


  1. Nice match and nice write-up -- thanks, you made my morning. I agree, what a hot ending to the fight. And this Jesse Champagne is sure one entertaining heel with his tight black trunks and sharp teeth, I need to keep an eye on him. I enjoyed seeing the old Still-Wearing-His-Robe gimmick, the Heel rolling around giving us glimpses of his bare legs tight trunks under that long robe, making us wait to see him. Very nice.

  2. Agreed, gahcha. I meant to write more about the sublimely villainous Jesse Champagne but was strapped for time. He's definitely somebody to watch.

  3. I have mixed feelings about draws. On the one hand, I prefer a resolution to a match, especially if "my guy" was trending to win. On the other hand, I get impatient with the attitude that ties, within the regulation time period, can not be allowed to happen, that on one particular occasion, opponents can't be evenly matched.

    I feel this particularly in football. Except in championship games or series leading directly to a championship, I can't see any excuse for OTs. For me, a 20-20 tie is a perfectly acceptable result, in any sport. Of, course, in general, I'm not what'd be called a sports fan. In regard to team sports, Rugby 7s is my only love!

    1. Point well made, Almatolmen, and I totally agree with it in mat wrestling and MMA, or any actual by-the-book sport. I can even stand it (as I do here) in pro ring wrestling, but on the whole I see ring wrestling as dramatic fiction, where I usually like clear closure: preferably a conquering hero and an abased villain (or a humiliated coward, phony, or cheat). In more realistic drama (The Sopranos, for instance), I don't mind open-endedness, because in "reality" there's seldom ever a clear winner and loser (and justice or the triumph of good over evil, hardly ever). But in the larger-than-life dream world of the squared circle, I want a clean, unambiguous win. For some reason, as educated and worldly wise as I am in other areas, in wrestling I like simple, clearcut lines.


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