Arms and the Man

My least favorite Thunders Arena series is Bearhug Challenge. I love a good bearhug. It's just not a strong centerpiece for an entire match. I speak for myself only, obviously. However, I will concede that the series proves to be a terrific place to debut one of the latest Arena men, Chase, who shines in Bearhug Challenge 12, versus the gargantuan Dozer.

I'm impressed by how well he holds up against Dozer, who has a few inches and some 35 pounds on the recruit. Modestly Chase admits that Dozer may be too much man for him to handle in a bearhug ... on his "skinny legs." "But," he adds elliptically, "don't be surprised ...." I think both wrestlers are surprised by how well Chase performs. He outdistances anything he's done elsewhere. (I have yet to see his hairy-chested appearance at Muscle Domination Wrestling, which WrestleBard's July piece primed me for, though I haven't forked out the dough to watch it.)

Aesthetically, the Challenge highlights Chase's best features: his hairy forearms (somewhat of a thing for me), his hairy thighs, his chest (smooth here, disappointingly, though still plenty fine), and his toothy grimace, which more than once beams through his mansome stubble. Dozer seems bemused by his challenger ("bemused" is the right word, I think), then taken offguard by the level of fight and might Chase brings to the mat. (I'm taken offguard too.)

What I'm basically saying is that physically and attitudinally Chase wins me over to a series that's not exactly to my taste. But if I had to be squished in anybody's arms for the greater part of a 10+minute contest--and Big Sexy's arms were unavailable--I would not hesitate to thrash and squirm in Chase's.


  1. This one of those big-vs.-little matches where it would have been great if they had shocked everyone (including Chase) with a win by the little. Would've loved to have seen Dozer's face. And Chase's!


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