Brutes: The Next Generations

Why, you might ask, is Jonny Firestorm not a brute? I've given it some thought. Opinions will vary, but I see Jonny's bent for destruction as a striking contrast to his regular one-of-the-guys demeanor. Nothing about his physical bearing prepares his victims for what's about to hit them slam-bam in the nuts. The game is over before the average jobber realizes Jonny is a palpable threat. He's a "stealth heel" without a gram of conscience, but he's no brute.

Kids Leopard and Vicious are too debonaire to be brutes. Villainous, yes. Sadistic, yes. But brutes, no. They are the Moriarty, Ernst Blofeld, Ming the Merciless, Hannibal Lecter of wrestling. If you're looking for the great brutes of myth and fiction, you must turn to the Minotaur, King Kong, Butch from the Our Gang comedies, Bluto, Oddjob, Frank Booth, and Bane.

Below are eight more wrestlers you don't stand a chance against. You want these menacing guys on your side, you have no other choice but to want these guys on your side, so check your ego at ringside and prepare to cower, grovel, kneel, melt, or play dead. They are steak and you are jelly. It's just the way it is. Resistance is futile. Face your doom like a man.

Joe Robbins fighting Tyrell Tomsen to decide once and for all who's the bigger brute

Cage Thunder unmasking Goldenrod

Micro-brute Kid Karisma rips Ray Naylor to shreds 

Dev Michaels topping Kid Karisma

Big, bad, beautiful brute Lane Hartley softening up Brad Barnes

Looming over cutie Kip Sorell, Guido Genatto may well be the Second Coming of the true (black-and-)blue brute

The eponymous Brute Baynard pounding Nate Walsh

All these shots belong to BG East and are available for viewing at The Arena


  1. I should be Number one.

    And Karisma was my bitch.

    1. You broke Kid K in, in style. I anxiously await your second novel, MUSCLES. Please.


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