Choke the Rookie

Wrestling Krush must be a master class in submission wrestling. Watching him wrestle might almost be as good, if only I could keep focussed on the strategy and not get caught up in the drama of heated competition. His latest match, out this weekend, finds Krush taking on Zack*, and like his rematch with Johnny O earlier this month, it benefits from Krushco's new video equipment, which provides a view of the action like we've never had before, up-close, unobstructed, and active. This time natural lighting warms up the colors and creates a more sensuous and cinematic tone, too.

But in addition to upgrading its technology, Krushco has obviously been on the lookout for tougher competition for its main man. The 27-year-old Brooklynite fits the bill. Zack seems a likable-enough guy, curly-haired, full-lipped, with dark intelligent eyes. In a brief prologue, he presents himself as a serious wrestler, reluctant to waste time with a lot of talk and ready to rumble. 

The first half of this 29-minute video looks familiar--Krush living up to his name and pretty much having his unencumbered way with his unsuspecting adversary--but halfway through this six-rounder Zack finds his groove, and for the last 15 minutes it's all furious give-and-take between the two fighters, veering into prostyle hijinks like hair-tugging, punching, and choking (with a white belt). We've seen these theatrical touches before at Krushco, and Zack warms us quickly to the company's house style and throws himself into it with a vengeance.


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