Danny Duggan Is a Stud

I like to believe that in some small way Wrestling Arsenal, WrestleBard, Bruno, StayPuft, and I are responsible for the recent sea change in professional wrestling commentary. Nowadays male beauty is not off limits for comment in mainstream wrestling circles, and ringside commentators feel somewhat freer to gush over the firm curves of "young studs" just as they traditionally slobbered over divas! It was not too long ago that good-looking wrestlers were subject to mockery when they were heels (as they often were) or else their sex appeal was not mentioned at all, or hinted at through code words ("athletic," "fit," "exciting").

Yesterday I mentioned a male commentator's unapologetic (and repeated) claim that wrestler Lane Hartley is "gorgeous." (The word used to elicit boos in the era of Gorgeous George.) In the August 3rd match I'm looking at today, a WCWC commentator repeatedly identifies the opponents, Pacific Northwest Champion "Hot Shot" Danny Duggan and challenger Ricky Mandel ("from Sexy Beach"), as "young studs," praising not only their athletic prowess but also their sex appeal. He talks of his "excitement" over this contest, with a knowing nod to the fact that his use of the word unintentionally coincides with Danny's stripping off his baggy shorts to reveal his bulge-defining blue trunks. (On the downside, soon mainstream wrestling may be homo-conscious enough that I won't have anything left to blog about.)

Danny is in the best shape since his golden youth. Now he's big and hard and coconut tan all over, never tougher, fiercer, or more butchly beautiful. Ricky is pure sex appeal too, though more conventionally cast as the cowardly gym bunny (at one point he uses the slim-bodied ref as a human shield against Danny's attack). It's a fine championship match, but I wish the camera crew could manage to position themselves better for key moves and holds. Although Danny and Ricky may be spending more time in the gym and under the sunlamp than the Funks and Briscos used to, they still pack a lot of wallop in this contest, and now ringside commentators can coo about how pretty they are too.


  1. Joe, well always need your trenchant words of description and thoughtful musing.

    Both men look fabulous. And it's good that commentators now feel free to note that.

    When the camera work is amateur, it's annoying but understandable, but it's inexcusable for the pros.

    I remember that sometimes I'd watch camera work, not just in wrestling but in other sports and regular programs where the camera seemed to deliberately avoid spending time looking at handsome and/or well-built men, especially if shirtless. For most of the time I used to think that was just that they were overwhelmingly men and just didn't see the beauty and sexiness in front of their eyes, particularly if there was a reasonably attractive woman nearby. But now I'm inclined to think there were two other related factors. Either that they feared to be accused of being gay when they weren't or actually being closeted. Things are better now, but you still can still see examples of "eyes" being averted or women being preferred.

    1. Almatolmen, I agree! I remember being particularly annoyed in one instance in professional wrestling, The Million Dollar Man (with Sensational Sherri) vs. Mark Thomas, a perfect jobber whose gorgeousness was matched only by his bitchiness. And the camera zoomed in on Sherri, who was shouting into the camera, DURING the Million Dollar Dream. I repeat: DURING THE MILLION DOLLAR DREAM. Now don't get me wrong, I loved Sherri, but Mark Thomas in a sleeper hold, come ON.

    2. It happens all the time on WWE. And it's not just women "distracting" the camera, but the commentators!

  2. 1 03.08.2014 WCWC Title: Danny Duggan (c) defeats Ricky Mandel
    WCWC @ Houck Middle School in Salem, Oregon, USA

  3. Danny Duggan was hot when he wrestled as Caleb Brand in BG East videos too!

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