Fun and Games Till Somebody Gets Hurt

In BG East's upcoming Wrestleshack 19, Cameron Matthews thinks he's just going to have a "fun" match with Christian Taylor. Christian has other plans, again and again crossing the line into naked aggression and reckless provocation. 

I love this angle! The good-natured big-brother figure tussling with a feisty amateur, who mistakes patience for lack of gumption and starts pushing his adversary too hard. Of course, Christian is going to step over the line one too many times and eventually awaken the sleeping tiger in Cameron, only to feel his sudden and irrevocable wrath. 

Then, you can bet your last penny that retribution will be swift, painful, even a bit nasty, and at last Cam's going to wipe Christian's leering smile right off of his face.

Ingenious in its concept and flawless in its execution, the storyline is also realistic. It's the coming-of-age story most of us have seen or experienced firsthand: the ambitious youngster who likes to flirt with danger, thinking a hard fight will be a hoot as long as he's the one delivering up all the hurt. But wait until the more experienced opponent has had enough and decides to give the punk a taste of what pain really is! Sweeet!

Add loose, scuffed-up blue jeans and the hothouse atmosphere of the Wrestleshack, and I am in heaven!


  1. This looks like an old, unreleased match since Cameron seems to have his old, less-muscled physique.


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