Gorgeous Debut

Alex Chamberlain "gorgeously" debuts (in the words of an appreciative ringside commentator) at Uproar Pro Wrestling, against villainous "jerk" Shawn Prime. We know the toothsome face and body from elsewhere under a different name (clue: "a rat's gently hateable"--grab your Scrabble tiles, gents, and ignore the apostrophe), but the attitude is new. A heartless destroyer of luckless jobbers in his alter ego, here Alex is practically a messianic hero. I like it. The March 29th contest is textbook good-versus-evil, as Alex "betters the world" by taking on the biggest, baddest villain he can get his hands on. Watch the lively14-minute video on YouTube, and watch a pro-wrestling star on the rise.


  1. Thanks Wrestlebard for bringing yet another gorgeous wrestler to more notice! I think Alex Chamberlain is one of the best, most talented and sexy wrestlers out there today ... Could do with a lot more exposure!


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