Loco Hero

Quinn Harper used his mind-control methods to persuade UCW-Wrestling head-honcho BodySlam to strip Joker of the championship belt nine months ago and, in a recently released promo, to get a hug, a kiss, and possibly a steak out of BodySlam.

As he's the first to admit, he hasn't had the best luck lately--gaining nothing from his trickster ways once Joker's title was put up for grabs and, earlier this month, losing the prime slot in the latest race for the belt ... to a rookie (though, to be fair, a big, strong rookie with the blood of Leonidas in his veins).

So maybe it's time for Quinn to pull out some state-of-the-art sci-fi gadgetry again--or, as I would prefer, to reclaim his mojo through his naturally fiery temper and fighting knowhow.

In UCW's latest release [#370], the Mighty Quinn takes on former champ Michael Hannigan (who did benefit from Harper's Wile-E-Coyote bag of tricks, winning the title in a highly touted three-way dance). It's a classic babyface-vs-heel showdown, with the two wrestlers in top form, with long, exquisitely punishing holds, both conventional and unconventional (e.g., toe-wringing and armpit-plucking).


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