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Big thank you to Skull Island reader Michael for recommending that I visit this site. (And for recommending this particular match.) My dick must have gained a full pound while I watched this early contest between Damien and Fabrice at Wrestlers and Lutteurs. Last month Michael wrote:
why no coverage of the French wrestlers-and-luetters site?  It seems as if it would be your cup of tea.  I love it.  
And is it my cup of tea! Fit, tough young men going at each other balls to the wall for a full 25 minutes--no prologue, no edits, no storyline detailing each wrestler's psychology, but plenty of aggression (these guys like to roar) and breakneck risk-taking, all for the pleasure of making the other guy tap out. And it's French! I love the French!

Especially these French! Damien and Fabrice are almost scientifically paired equals in size, weight, physique, skills, drive, and black trunks. The opener for Costauds 1 (translate as "Beefcakes 1") is like Mark Lander on speed wrestling a second Mark Lander on speed in a wall-to-wall matted basketball court, room to chase each other down and fling each other's body around like a jai alai ball.

Dark-haired Damien is the intense one, pure animal pluck in the shape of a swim team captain. Babyface Fabrice is more laid-back, but the guy has muscle and beaucoups de fight. One wrestler starts out with a strong point lead. Then the other guy narrows the gap so that for the last half of the match there's never more than one-point difference in number of submissions gained by each.

Although I've known about W&L for years, having mentioned it in passing once or twice on this blog, it's only been a year that I've had the bandwidth to download video without image-freezing and other blips. Until Michael's nudge, I had pretty much forgotten about the site. I'm so happy for the gentle prod. When I asked Michael to recommend some fighters and matches to whet my appetite, he responded with the names of six fighters and six contests he thought might interest me, along with an informative intro:
I will actually begin by telling you a few reasons why I like this organization.  First, the wrestling is real and excellent.  The fighters are trained recreational club fighters, with wrestling and other martial arts backgrounds.  A good majority of each match is spent on the ground.  Second, the fights are lengthy multiple submission matches (the grappling generally goes for 25 minutes; longer if tied).  Third, the guys are uniformly in awesome condition and generally rather handsome.  But they are real guys, not models.  Pimples, bandages, scars, facial/body hair, and lots of sweat make regular appearances.  And they wear soccer-style shorts (my favorite) or athletic speedos, either one excellent for showing off a contorted limb or stretched muscle.  Lastly, there appears to be no scripting whatsoever.  They let the fighting speak for itself, so matches are unpredictable, the dynamics of each match different.  The matches are only homoerotic if one finds straight fighting (straight in both senses) to be a turn on, as I do.
As I do too.


  1. Merci beaucoup Joe for mentioning often overlooked French club wrestling site, or W&L. They have a great offering.

    W&L features some of the best fighters around, in tough NHB action, and they look great too! I loved Az fights but now they have added a lot more great matches and plenty of new fit muscled fighters to their roster recently.

    Their website is improved too with all individual fights available as either Video-on-Demnd (VOD) or Download-to-Own (DTO). They are extremely reasonably priced at under $9-10 each for 30 minutes grappling and add new matches weekly.

    Given a small French club can do this, you wonder why 'professional' wrestling websites cannot offer the same options and at more competitive prices like $10-20 per match. I am sure that the sheer volume of sales they would get from cheaper digital downloads would outweigh their DVD sales in no time. People want convenience and immediate results, and those who still want DVDs get them. And given most have 3-4 matches per DVD, thats 3-4 times more downloads already.

    Food for thought ....


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