Ooh La!

Anyone interested in the (gasp) astounding second round of the 1960 matchup of Michel Allary versus Johnny Stein, here it is! And what a fight it is! After daring to speculate online that, based on the first round alone, this might be my new favorite pro-wrestling match, I incline towards a resounding Yes! after watching the finish.

The round starts with a ferocious slug-out that Allary ends by catching Stein in an epic crucifix armbar and paralyzing him in it for over two agony-drenched minutes (1:24 to 3:30). The way the curly-haired Frenchman jiggles his leg to amp the pressure on the German's shoulders is (for me) the match's top porn moment. Exquisite! But when the ref forces a break between the two, Stein responds with a series of low blows and hair pulling that significantly lessens the on-fire hero's brio.

The Parisian crowd absolutely loathes the German, whose brutality is nothing short of cyclopean. Stein proceeds to toss the Frenchman out of the ring and torments him on the apron. After the ref at last ends the match with a disqualification, stemming from Stein's incorrigible sadism, Allary grabs a towel and tourniquets it around Stein's head, intent on vengeance. Here is my kind of babyface! This is the same kind of hero-pushed-past-his-breaking-point toughness that gets me all riled up during old Jack Brisco fights. The justifiable attack sets the fans in a frenzy. Gendarmes have to be called to ringside to safely escort the mega-heel out of the building!


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