Rock Hard Wrestling asked me to announce their DVD sale, which runs through this weekend, ending September 7th. All matches from Catalogs 1 through 18 are available for purchase at 30% off the usual price. 

This includes early work by some of my favorite current Rock Hard stars, Josh Steel, Austin Cooper, Jake Jenkins, Zack Johnathan, Alex Waters, and Dash Decker, as well as fine wrestlers we haven't seen in a while, namely Lucas Payne, Cody Nelson, Tyler Reeves, Trent Novak, and Brodie Fisher (Hey, Rock Hard, who do I have to fuck to see these guys in new matches?)

Bob at RHW also tantalized me with this bit of information:
Wanted to mention, we're super excited to be featuring a new wrestler in our feature match due out next week. We think he's going to be another superstar for us. Be on the lookout.
To be sure.


  1. I'd like to say I'm a big fan of RHW and delighted with the way they are developing!! But while I love their RHW style, their choice & build of models I wish they had more realistic action to boot!

    That said one of the best produced wrestling companies and always very watchable - I have bought 25-30 downloads so far ...

    But I am disappointed RHW didn't offer their 30% Sale for their Digital Download customers as well. It costs them nothing more to add them!

    And for the life of me, I cannot understand their "premium pricing" for HD versions. While I can understand cheaper pricing for the great 1980/90s videos like BG Enterprise's excellent back catalog (due to VHS quality), I cannot reason 'HD' being charged more. Do RHW offer premium-priced Blu-Rays?

  2. Can-Am has a 50% off nearly everything sale until this Sunday at midnight. Just got an email but it is on their site.


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