Atom versus Gunner

I picked up the Battlespace 73 DVD as part of a recent sale at Thunders Arena and just now got around to watching it. I haven't seen much yet of Atom, 5'8", 175#, but I like what I've seen so far. This is a couple of matches before his ThunderTV showdown against Viggo, 5'11", 180#, mentioned here last week. Viggo interferes at the end of this match against newcomer Gunner, a perfect 6'0", 190#, thus setting up Battlespace 74, which I have not yet seen, and his ultimate showdown with Atom. Atom's got the wrestling chops all over his two opponents, who nevertheless have plenty to offer viewers with tastes similar to mine.

If I had more time, I'd sound the depths of various aspects of this match, but to economize let me briefly focus instead on the freckles on Gunner's shoulders and chest. I like them. They're sexy, clinging like drops of rain to the new hire's slim but keenly muscled physique. Gunner offers to give Atom some workout tips, but the interruption only stirs Atom up for a little wrestling action with the former model turned wrestler. Gunner gets in some good holds, but it's Atom's show most of the way ... that is, until Viggo sticks his nose into it.

Thunders Arena's camerawork and the bright Florida sun make art of Gunner's and Atom's bodies. Lots of posing and gut punching for fans of those sorts of things. But Atom is the man who keeps Battlespace 73 firmly grounded in wrestling, with his arsenal of holds and roughneck attitude. I'd boil down what I like about this DVD to two basic things: the previously mentioned freckles and the armbar by which Atom pinions Gunner in the eighth and last screen cap above. That's my money shot, right there.


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