Cal Bennett, 5'11", 210#, entered my fantasies before I saw his debut match in BG East's Hunkbash 16. For an hour this past week, Cal fought a cage match against an oiled-up Latin lover type, ultimately pulverizing his opponent in an almost endless bear hug. The match, the cage, and the bear hug were all the ideas of an online friend with whom I've been co-scripting fantasy wrestling showdowns for, gee, five years at least. That hug infused my later fantasies, along with those pool-like eyes and the hair gathering around his navel, cinching Cal's place in my wrestling pantheon before I'd even seen him in action.

I deliberately waited to view (and review) this match pitting new meat Cal against a barefoot Chace LaChance, 5'9", 190#, enjoying my anticipation gram by gram. Don't shoot me for saying it, but when at last I played the DVD, I fast-fowarded through the five minutes of preliminaries (poses, arm wrestling, test of strength) to get to the meat and potatoes (for me), which Chace inaugurates by catching Cal with a low blow from behind.

As I have said before (many times), the bashing of hunks is not my preferred storyline in underground wrestling*, but when it's hunk bashing another hunk, I am a ridiculously easy mark. Sexy Chace initiates Cal into the brutal corporate culture of BG East, inflicting the new hunk's body with all the punishments likely to highlight every knot of muscle on his body and every jiggle of flesh. Now Cal's torso is stuck on my retina like peanut butter on the roof of the mouth.

For a newcomer, Cal sells every spasm of pain and every emasculating humiliation. He's almost as good at ladling up the payback, striking the right balance of gym bunny arrogance and rookie enthusiasm. His trendy hairstyle gets mussed up in the clash, but the man still cranks up the sexy-time heat even at his most mussed up. Chace is every bit as good a heel as he once was a jobber. He knows how to temper abs of steel between thighs of steel. The two together are very Michelangelo.

The main event of Hunkbash 16 is huge fun for me, one I will watch again and soon. I can't wait for more of this, more of Cal, more of Chace, maybe more of the two of them together one day as tag partners facing Coop and Jenks ... at BGE or only in my dreams. Chace and especially Cal have leapt to the top of my "wrestlers to watch" list.

* In truth, BG East's Hunkbash series has provided me with some of my favorite matches, with a higher stroke ratio than almost any other series, except perhaps Wrestleshack: Kid Leopard vs. Scottie Nguyen, Kid Leopard vs. Cliff Conlin, Wade Cutler vs. Kid Leopard, Cruze vs. Mike Columbo, Christopher Bruce vs. Dante Rosetti, Christopher Bruce vs. Mike Columbo, Brad Rochelle vs. Dante Rosetti, Brigham Bell vs. Patrick Donovan, Mikey Vee vs. Jeff Phoenix, Brad Rochelle vs. Joe Mazetti, Mikey Vee vs. Del Harris, Justin Pierce vs. Blaze, Dave Christian vs. Cpl. John Daniels, Joe Mazetti vs. Aryx Quinn, Kid Vicious vs. Jace Bradley, Braden Charron vs. Jonny Firestorm, Jake Jenkins vs. Kid KarismaDev Michaels vs. Austin Cooper, Joe Robbins vs. Eddy Rey, and Logan Vaughn vs. Lane Hartley.


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