Everybody Hurts

Apart from a quick succession of collar-and-elbow lockups and minimal other wrestling, this three-way challenge from Thunders Arena is wall-to-wall bearhugs. I prefer more well-rounded matches with a variety of holds and a bit more sense of contest or drama, but if you must specialize in one and only one wrestling hold, you can't go far wrong with the bearhug, which you will find here in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Count me in because of the wrestlers on hand, Chase (small, 5'9", 190#), Viggo (medium, 5'11", 180#), and Dozer (large, 6', 225#). Each gets a chance to moan and writhe in the arms of the others, and the winner is the one to get four submissions via bearhug. The brisk 10-minute video is currently on tap at the company's membership site, ThunderTV.


  1. I hope that Chase and Viggo proved to Dozer that big isn't better. In fact, I think this would have been better if it'd been a one-on-one of those two.


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