Gay Chicken

In ThunderTV's recent release, Bear challenges Logan to a game of gay chicken: straight guy challenging another straight guy to kiss, the chicken being the guy who cringes and backs off first. Bear says it's not much different than wrestling a guy. Logan draws close, but can't quite make himself lock lips with Bear. So Bear suggests a little body worship as a warmup exercise. 

Logan's okay with this, since, he says, rubbing a guy's muscle is a little closer to wrestling, you know, "regular guy stuff." Then Bear coaxes Logan into kissing his hairy chest, telling him to just pretend he's kissing "a furry something else." Logan gets it on with Bear's pec for a few seconds, but then suddenly backs off, repulsed, claiming he's straight and can't go the hairy tit route either.

Bear threatens to force Logan into kissing him on the mouth. The sex predator vibe is a little on the strong side (not to mention the inherent homophobia of the game), but it's all in fun. Logan is just playing a role here. And so is Bear. I trust the guys at Thunders Arena. And I'm a kinkster, besides. I too have acted out rape fantasies with a boyfriend and got off on them. I get the appeal. It's naughty, and it touches on deep-seeded desires and fears."Oh God it's gross," Logan protests. But he is smiling the whole time. 

Bear raises the perfectly valid point that saying "it's gross" is not the same thing as saying "no." He bends Logan over and gives the guy a quick spanking. "You wanna get rough?" Bear asks him, with a hint of mischief in his expression. "Thunders knows I like it rough."

Logan looks game, and the two start wrestling. On command, Logan kisses Bear's cannonball biceps. Bear then puts Logan in several compromising positions that resemble the positions we often see in pro wrestling and gay porn alike. Ringside at Skull Island is built almost entirely on such similarities (just check out the banner above). 

Bear moves the contest outside, at poolside, the sun having set. The visual double entendres continue, poking fun at the idea that, as so many wrestlers and wrestling fans claim, there's nothing even remotely erotic about wrestling--not "real" wrestling anyway. It also pokes fun--"poke" being the operative word--at the notion of straight guys playing gay "for pay" (or "on a dare"), but denying that some part of them likes it (or is at least bi-curious).

"I can see why you enjoy dominating so much," Logan tells Bear later, after turning the tables on him, "it's kinda fun!" The wrestlers crisscross roles of dominant and submissive, gay and straight, sex and roughhouse many times in this 25-minute tease, making this ThunderTV's slyest and most subversive match to date. 

The finish is a hot and wet (and wholly consensual) kiss on the lips, but, of course, it's imperative for the victor to refer to it as a "kiss of death," because these guys are straight (right?) and totally grossed out by gay stuff. 

But, ooh ooh ooh, what a little moonlight can do!


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