Starry Eyed

Here is Josh Steel. The guy he's smirking at is Justin Silver, a new hire at Rock Hard Wrestling who has two matches under his belt, his first against Alex Waters (how do you think that one went?). The second came soon after, a three-way with Matt Engel and Steel here, whose "cute panties" Silver disses in a doomed act of hubris before the bell sounds for Round 1.  As the latest RHW download to own opens, Josh seems both surprised and happy to see Silver in the opposite corner and bets his RHW fee that he can beat Silver in two rounds. Silver takes the bet and ponies up his fee to match Steel's.

Even if Steel was just a poser and all he did was stand there, braced against the corner ropes, stretching a few stars on his trunks out of shape, I would pay good money to watch this match. But he's better than that. Before he turned beefcake, the slenderer surfer boy jobbed for top-rank wrestlers like Ethan Andrews and teen sensation Brodie Fisher and in tag team contests against moneymakers like Austin Cooper, Jake Jenkins, and Alex Waters. He exuded the right amount of snot-nosed arrogance that made his slow but inescapable demolition mesmerizing. After he packed on the muscle, he turned into a credible adversary for big studs like Dash Decker and dealt some crotch-warming payback to some of his early tormentors. (Elsewhere, as "Josh Steele" at Movimus, he has proved himself a capable and aggressive mat grappler in unscripted submission fights.)

I'm a huge fan. You might have guessed that. A few weeks ago I attempted to compose a list (I love composing lists) of my ten favorite current wrestlers. It was impossible to limit myself to ten, so I expanded the number to twenty, then twenty-four, then forty. When I realized that pretty much anybody who knows what he's doing on a wrestling mat or in the squared circle is a turn-on for me, I gave up on making a finite list. But my point is this: I made four drafts of the proposed list, and Josh Steel was on every one, close to the top and, more often than not, on the very top.

I'm not noted for my good taste in these pages, but even I blanch at the paragraph I wrote moments ago attempting to describe Josh's physical impact on me. I have deleted those lines, lost forever among the inert binary codes of my laptop, because of a sense of decorum I didn't know I had.  Even the two syllables of his name (any of the names he is known by) leaves a wet spot on my pants. (See what I mean about good taste? I haven't any.) In a perfect world, I'd be eternally twenty-five, rich as Croesus, living on the French Riviera with Josh as my live-in hired wrestler and pool boy. (It's nice to have dreams, eh?)

But enough fantasy. Silver-versus-Steel does the trick for me, and I think it will do the trick for other Josh Steel fans too. Any pro-style wrestling fan would probably enjoy it immensely, and I would bet that many fans not already fans of Josh Steel or Justin Silver or Rock Hard might convert after watching this hot, tasty, and thrillingly mean-spirited 22-minute fight.


  1. Josh looks great in all these images, but the Boston-crab is special.


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