Atom is pissed off because Viggo interfered in his match. He wants to fight. Viggo says he interfered in the match only because he wants to wrestle Atom. He wants to fight. This is pretty much all the storyline I need. It's a contest between strong muscle (Atom, 5'8", 175#) and big, beautiful muscle (Viggo, 5'11", 180#), and both wrestlers get what they want. 

Thunders Arena is THE place for muscle jocks of all styles and sizes. The Arena puts the emphasis on f.u.n. It's where I go when I need a silly smile on my face. Viggo is the new prince of Thunders, genial and built like Apollo, but Atom is unimpressed, compact and volatile as (yep) an atom. I'm watching this lip-smacking, ball-squeezing contest on ThunderTV.


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