A Double with Cheese

Preposterous? Yes, but I don't care. Though I am not usually drawn to two-against-one matches, Chase's participation in this nearly perfect 10-minute beauty from Thunders Arena (Battlespace 77) put it high on my list of impulse buys for November, especially since the hairy-legged muscle jock, who infallibly makes my mouth water, challenges Tak and Ashton. 

Tak seems like everybody's kid brother at the Arena, pesky, heedless, and Disney cute. He and his big cousin Ashton double-team Chase, Ashton being the "muscles" and Tak being the "brains" of the operation. The muscles/brains combo is one I usually enjoy in pro wrestling, the upshot being that the brain often gets the worst of it.

Ashton has the muscle mass (and chin stubble) to match Chase's, and Tak puts himself in charge of egging the battlers on. The cousins' double bear hug on Chase is my nominee for best new wrestling hold, boner division, though the equally cheesy payback hold, Chase's double Boston crab, may necessitate a tie. Go ahead and laugh. I know it's silly and it's not "real" wrestling, but damn, it looks like hella fun to me.


  1. ANYTHING Chase is in makes it worth watching to me! :)


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