History Repeats Itself

I shared this March 2014 match last May. Same match, same four hot guys: UK Kid (in purple) and Jack Hammer (in brown lederhosen) versus Jay White (in white) and Warren Brady (in red). I was so taken with handsome New Zealander Jay White that I returned with more photos just twelve days later.

This more recently posted video has some of the same obstructions and shakiness of the video I linked to back then, but it also provides some startlingly clear glimpses of the action.  (See it on YouTube here.) Long sections of the fight might be better titled "The View from Jay White's Ass," and much as I would like to see perfect footage of this battle from beginning to end, I have to admit that the rear view is spectacular. Also tasty are UK Kid and Jack Hammer's ganging up on White and the surrealistically choreographed double corner beatdowns that lead to the match's climax.

The new footage emphasizes how hot all four of these wrestlers are. White and Hammer work especially well off each other. In this new footage, I noticed stuff I had missed earlier. For instance, how very hot Warren Brady is.


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