I'm Markin' Out, Bro!

Okay, probably too late now, but ... one spoiler after another ...

The Zombie Princess will do anything to defeat Danny Duggan! Or so say the over-excited commentators during this long-awaited head-butting between two wrestlers who hate each other's guts, a grudge match which also is (deliciously) a championship challenge with Duggan's long-held belt on the line. The main event of WCWC's November 15th broadcast (starting at 42:48 on this YouTube video) is killer all right, thanks to over-the-top theatrics that begin with colorful, exotic, gender-bending "Zombie Princess" Jimmy Jacobs going toe to toe with tan, blond mega-hulk "Hotshot" Danny Duggan. Despite the hard-to-ignore discrepancy in the two wrestlers' sizes, the match stays tight and even for its full 14 minutes.

The suspense builds as the wrestlers fly out of the ring, with Jacobs at one point battering Duggan's head against a fan's chair. The two return to the ring just in time to avoid a count-out forfeiture. Meanwhile, five black-masked stalkers gather at ringside, stalking the champ (very Eyes Wide Shut). These mystery men reportedly tried to psych-out Duggan in a previous run-in between DD and JJ, leading the commentators to speculate that they may be the Zombie Princess's "minions" (despite Jacobs' denial of any connection to them). On several occasions we have a BOTH-MEN-ARE-DOWN crisis situation, always good for revving up the drama, too.

Duggan almost finishes the Princess with a spinning cradle DDT, while the masked stalkers glower at the champ from ringside. (Please note the "cute ref" peek I gratuitously included in the above screen shots: Jay Stone.) After flying off the corner ropes for a double-ax-handle to Jacobs' forehead, Duggan steps out of the ring to take out two of the mystery men, then shoulder butts Jacobs through the ropes. It's still touch and go, as each wrestler deftly rebounds from his opponent's would-be finishers. Then, one of the masked men enters the ring and attacks Duggan. The ref ends the match in a DQ, and the masked man reveals himself to be ... Matt Stryker! Jacobs is devastated, the title shot ripped right out of his hands! Cue a future showdown between an irate Princess and Stryker! As the kid with the handmade sign says, "I'm Markin' Out, Bro!"


  1. Nice post -- I almost blogged about this match myself on the Wrestling Arsenal. You managed to capture the excitement involved in the love-hate grudge between sleezy Jacobs and altar boy Duggan. I liked your images too -- especially the pre match stare down (#2) and Duggan laid out on the floor ($9), great job.

    1. Thanks, gahcha. I still would like to see a Wrestling Arsenal analysis of this match. The evaluation of wrestling strategy and interpretation of erotic subtext are always top notch at WA.


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