The off-camera male voices during this match, egging the two fighters on and moaning with delight every time the action turns dirtier, remind me of locker-room fights in high school. That's just one reason I love this under-hyped Kid Leopard match from early-era BG East, tucked away in Superbouts 1: BG East Classics like a lost Leonardo in the Vatican vaults. Another reason is that the young, slim, and raven-haired Kid Leopard, 5'8", 155#, and his muscle-jock opponent, the raven-haired Brian Baxter, 5'11", 180#, look enough alike to be brothers, or cousins, at least. Blood against blood is kind of a turn-on for me, even if the kinship is only in my mind.

As the video opens, Brian shows off his smooth, hard muscles to appreciative hoots from ringside. Leopard stands off to one side, shaking his head in mock disbelief. Brian pulls the straps of his singlet down, telling Kid that this is the body that's about to kick his ass. Kid replies that he has beat bigger, stronger bodies than this. (And he has.) Already, not only is my appetite whetted, I am pretty sure my pants are wetted too. This 34-minute brawl won't be over until both fighters' singlets are tugged off and they are left in nothing but thongs and boots.

This may look like a typical beatdown of a pretty jobber by a smaller, tougher heel, and that's definitely the setup, but Brian is tougher than you might imagine and he knows his way around the ring (and around Kid Leopard), so the battle is surprisingly even. Brian takes and he gives right back, giving Kid Leopard one of the sexiest BGE fights of his career--and, right now, it's my personal favorite too. Leopard, for his part, is the ideal homoerotic heel without letting up on the aggressiveness and competitiveness. (Many underground erotic matches forget that it's also a fight.) Leopard pulls hair, he tweaks nipples, he grabs balls, and at least once he lets the action bust out of the ring. And he has sneers that are miles long.

Brian's BGE career included run-ins with Scott "Dark" Rogers and a whipped-cream wrestling match. I have seen only this one match (so far), but I can't imagine how he could have topped this superbout. Kid Leopard, of course, is still around to ply his Machiavellian intrigues and make young wrestlers' lives pure hell. Nothing really changes, eh?


  1. Such a brief career. I'd prefer Brian for this one. KL just isn't my type.


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