Here's a video for fans of big-versus-little matches, specifically matches featuring a squarely built Middle Eastern guy facing off against a tall, white-bread thug who at first avoids his feisty challenger, then seizes an unfair advantage through unsporting tactics like closed-fist punches, hair pulling, eye gouging, and a foreign object.

If there's justice in pro wrestling, clean-cut "big baby" Matt DeWar, 6'3", 217#, will have to pay for his sadistic assaults on "Persian Powerhouse" Milad Akbar, 5'6", 205#, in this Premier Pro Wrestling match from a year ago. Akbar turns the fight around in the last five minutes, bringing pulse-racing two-counts and sweet comeuppance in his wake! 


  1. While DeWar has won my devotion, Akbar is much hotter than he appears here.


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