Seeing Red

In the setup to UCW's latest match [#381], Quinn Harper confronts Eli Black about Eli's decision to dump Quinn as tag team partner and replace him with protege and trainee Vincent Stone. The result is an impromptu challenge, with Quinn making a strange alliance with sworn enemy Axel to take on Black and Stone.

The match begins with a dazzling display of coordinated assaults that play out like water ballet or a Busby Berkeley routine. Choreography then gives way to the usual rules of tag team competition, regularly interrupted (as might be expected) by double teaming and chaotic all-four-men-in brawls. With no ref in sight, anything can happen. Axel and Eli seem to have a particular beef to settle, and Quinn specially targets his young, doomed-looking replacement, Vincent.

Reviewing his previous match, I described Eli Black as "poised" and "sunny," and the guy, who never lacked charisma, continues to be positively radiant here. And he seems to bring out the best in the others as well. Axel, especially, looks far more commanding and tough than I've seen him before, having at last come up with a convincing sneer.

Quinn and Axel make a smooth transition from nemeses to allies, quickly forming one of the most effective teams in UCW history. Eli seems to realize his mistake by the match's midpoint. Vincent can't hold his own against experienced pros like Quinn and Axel, thus leaving all the heavy lifting to Eli. Eli's deviousness and ruthlessness may or may not be enough to take on the double threat of his opponents.

Expect some surprises, some teasing glimpses of butt cheeks, treachery, suspense-drenched tag-ins (and near tag-ins), and hard body blows. It's a good one, not to be missed.


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