Touch and Go

Before watching this match, I might have questioned the wisdom of putting Marcus Ares on the mat against Eli Black, technically the best grappler and temperamentally the loosest cannon at UCW. Sure, Marcus is bigger and carries a thicker load of muscle and hairier balls than a lot of other wrestlers, but Eli has kayoed and damn near put out of commission even bigger, tougher opponents. Even when pulling his punches, Eli can be deadly. 

But Ares handles himself well against this lethal weapon. He may lack Eli's skill set and experience, but he doubles down on his grit and hunger for respect and gives the ex-champ a good fight, with a touch-and-go finish certain to set some fans back on their heels.


  1. Matching Ares, a relatively new comer against a skilled wrestler like Black almost seems like a throw a way match. Eli is known for his technique and vicious mat attacks. Sure, Ares is bigger but not as quick or experienced. I did check it out and glad I did! What a display of Skill vs Brute Strength. Ares' seemed to absorb much of Black's assault. Eli managed to apply many of his signature moves torturing the newbie. But near the end both covered in sweat, Ares appeared to have gained even more confidence sensing that Eli had used much of his energy (trying to take out the much larger opponent). Marcus seemed to bounce back after each brutal hold- Eli dishing out as much pain as possible. A major coo for Ares came as he emerged from a signature Eli torture hold only to scoop up the astonished opponent with his bulging biceps and slamming him into the wall. Action packed match. You may be surprised who walks away.


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