I don't need to know why Justin "The Hammer" Sysum climbs all over Dick Riley* before the bell sounds in this April 26 match from Pro Evolution Wrestling. The raw quicksilver energy sells itself. And, besides, I find out why soon enough. Riley, in the jaguar-print trunks and shinguards, is a "cheat." The crowd knows it and chants it. "Dirty" Dick (5'11", 202#) proves it in his actions every step of the way.

Like all cheaters in the fight world, Dick has a cowardly streak. He relies on his manager Big Daddy Bainesy to distract, prop up, and interfere. When Justin (6', 228#), the hugely popular champ in babyface blue-and-white singlet, gains the upper hand, Dick runs away (as in the beginning when Justin chases him around the ring) or he stretches out his hands and pleads for mercy, though we know full well he's incapable of mercy himself.

Pretty much everything Dick does primes me for the moment that The Hammer peels down his singlet top to signal that he's greased to kick some self-proclaimed pornstar butt. Retribution is furious and painful, and it becomes inevitable when Dick relies on Big Daddy's ring-apron support to stretch (and grind and scratch ... at sadistic length) the hero's massive muscles seemingly to the snapping point.


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