Class of 2014


Here are the new faces (and heels) of underground wrestling in 2014. Most of them have received at least a nod here on Ringside at Skull Island at some point in the year. Some of these rookies have already reached icon status, while others are still polishing their craft for future glory. 

I've done my best to make the list as complete as possible. Please don't hesitate to point out any glaring mistakes or omissions*. I haven't seen everything, of course; my billfold's too skinny to keep up with the immense output of everything I'd like to keep my eye on. The good news is the m4m wrestling scene has ballooned in the last ten years.

With this much new talent, it's hard not to wonder which ones will have staying power in years to come. And what amazing new stars await their debuts in 2015?

  1. Carter Alexander, BG East / Muscle Domination Wrestling
  2. Ty Alexander, BG East /
  3. Ashton, Thunders Arena
  4. Marcus Ares, UCW
  5. Bruce Ballard, Rock Hard 
  6. Brute Baynard, BG East and Cyberfights (as Big D)
  7. Cal Bennett, BG East / Muscle Domination Wrestling
  8. Dakota Bravo, UCW
  9. Casey Callaghan, Movimus
  10. Gage Cardona, Rock Hard
  11. Bobby Clark**, Can-Am
  12. Jordan Clarke, Movimus
  13. Ace Collins**, Can-Am
  14. Don Cooper, Movimus
  15. Beta Cruze**, Can-Am
  16. Chad Daniels, Rock Hard
  17. Hunter Day, UCW
  18. Dash Decker, Rock Hard 
  19. Don Deegan**, BG East
  20. Topher Dimaggio**, Can-Am
  21. Rico Dinero**, Can-Am
  22. Jayson Dolan, Movimus
  23. Kirk Donahue, BG East
  24. Richie Douglas, BG East
  25. Jakeno Enzi, BG East
  26. Flint, Krushco
  27. Goren Ford**, BG East
  28. Gunner, Thunders Arena 
  29. Jax, UCW 
  30. Kayden Keller, BG East
  31. Kratos, Thunders Arena 
  32. Zori Leone, BG East
  33. Connor Maguire**, Can-Am
  34. Marco, Thunders Arena 
  35. Dave Markus (with Doug Acre), Movimus 
  36. Tyson Matthews, Rock Hard
  37. Zach Reno and Nate Walsh, BG East
  38. Jordan Reyes**, Can-Am
  39. Roach, Krushco
  40. Shane Saunders, UCW
  41. Logan Scion**, Can-Am
  42. Skyler, Thunders Arena
  43. Colt Stevens, Rock Hard
  44. Danny Sticks, UCW
  45. Vincent Stone (with Eli Black), UCW
  46. Jamie Stroud**, Can-Am
  47. Trip Townsend**, Movimus
  48. Logan Vaughn, BG East / Thunders Arena (as Logan
  49. Oliver Wood, UCW
  50. Zack, Krushco
* I let Can-Am and other leagues drop off my radar this year. I actually did buy a number of Can-Am DVDs, but mostly classic 1990s-era matches I'd missed or lost (or my dog ate). I'm interested in hearing about the promising newcomers I've missed at Can-Am and other promotions.
** Not yet reviewed on this blog.



  1. Interesting! Good theme.

    These are the men who stand out to me: Ares, Ballard, Bennett, Callaghan, Clark, Collins, Daniels, Decker, DiMaggio, GUNNER, Matthews, Reno & Welsh, and Reyes.

  2. This year's best introductions were easily Dash Decker and MARCO...both guys are very talented fighters, extremely good looking, and are not afraid to tease and taunt their prey as they dispatch them.

    Runner-ups include: Gunner (who unfortunately has all but disappeared from Thunders), Bruce Ballard (very handsome and fit body but hides too much of his beautiful behind and rock hard legs), Cal Bennett (very sexy, but a few too many tattoos and a weak wrestler), and bullish bulls Kratos and Big D.

  3. I like Decker and Dimaggio. I also like Ty Alexander he's not what you see normally with these bigger body builder types and the boy can take a beating for sure. Also he is very seductive and gets into the wrestling and erotic side of it and makes it very hot. Can't wait to see more of him


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