Joey Redux

Returning to UCW with more meat on his bones and more ink on his skin, Joey Cantrell takes on UCW co-owner and former champion Axel for a full-tilt 40-minute brawl, very little of which is wasted on introductions and chat. Joey now looks big enough to take on Marcus Ares or UCW's other co-owner Bodyslam, but if he thought he could flatten his leaner opponent and take the rest of the afternoon off, Axel lets him know right away that he's in this fight for the duration. 

Genial, soft-spoken Axel often catches an opponent off guard like that, even one, like Joey, who ought to know better. Arm bars, surfboards, piledrivers, wedgies, chokes, punches, slams, scratching, clawing, and cock-pinching ensue, under the guise of "training." But, in case you forgot, Joey always was a tough, backstreet sort of mofo, and though seemingly underprepared for Axel's initial onslaught, he comes back like a wrecking ball.

The match is fairly straightforward, by UCW standards. Lots of rough play, putdowns, and horndog oneupmanship. Axel sets the laid-back tone, so there's little of the animosity wrestlers like Quinn or Eli would bring to the match, for better or worse, yet there's nothing "soft" or "easy" about this match either. Axel sees it as a workout--early spring training for a returning athlete. Even if this is more aggressive than the typical gym workout, it lacks mean-spirited-ness or hostility.

Axel looks fit, at last sprouting some reassuring signs of puberty on his chest and stomach. Joey mocks the new growth but soon finds out he faces a man-size challenge in Axel, who takes everything Joey has to dish out and manhandles Joey's new bulk with unexpected force and nimbleness.


  1. joey has definitely beefed up. sporting 15" biceps to boot (axel measures them in a separate workout blog). axel has the skill but joey brings the brawn in this action packed match. lots of trash talking too. unable to pin axel right away he keeps calling him a pain in the ass. axel comes close to pinning joey several times but joey taunts him- u don't have the power. he appears to be right axel's ribs are visible during many of his moves and when he flexes his biceps, they are maybe 12.5-13". finally, someone to trash talk with axel and the power to wipe the smirk off his face.

    axel's skill is a pain in joey's ass and joey is too much brawn for axel to easily roll over


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