New Boy from Out of Town

In Thunders Arena's Battlespace 78, Viggo yucks it up over his young challenger from Pennsylvania, Marco. He mocks the kid's tattoos and his new-from-the-store-not-a-scratch-on-them wrestling shoes. Marco is not only undaunted by Viggo's gibing but also dismissive of his bigger, more experienced opponent. 

Marco displays his wrestling chops early. He's got moves, speed, and heart, and he's stronger than Viggo gives him credit for--at one point slinging the high-spirited big-talker across his shoulders and doing some deep knee bends. The kid has a good chance here of walking away the winner of his first video match. Close to the end, he's ambitious enough to try for a knockout, which may or may not go the way he wants it to.

He has a pelvic swiveling motion that I may need to study further. It's especially striking when he is scissoring or riding his opponent. There's some goodnatured kidding about which of the two will get hard first, but after watching a couple of Marco's grinding thrusts, I'm pretty sure I've got them both beat.


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