Nice Maneuvering by Chris Jones

Mike Tobin is not poker-faced. He just looks that way next to teen sensation Chris Jones (back when Chris still was a teen). Tobin and Jones are equally gifted as wrestlers, but "cocky" bigmouth Chris brings the energy and glamour of raging hormones into the mix.

Tobin has Jones beat for most of this Hardcore Holiday match in 2008 for the recently revived Division One Pro Wrestling, but it's Jones the ringside commentators talk about. And in the end it's Jones who pulls "a win out of nowhere" to retain the cruiserweight belt.

There's not much video of Chris in action on YouTube (while searching, keep in mind he is one "Chris Jones" among many). A great one is Jones vs TJ Perkins at Pro Wrestling Fusion in 2009. In my opinion the best match is Jones's make-him-squeal roughneckery against BG East wrestler Kirby Stone in NewPro Wrestling's NewPro 19 (reviewed here). 


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