Quinn and Danny versus Hiro and Shane

In UCW's latest download [#386] Quinn Harper partners with his new trainee Danny Sticks (minus his stick this time) against babyface duo Hiro and Shane Saunders. The babyfaces are literally baby faced, still wet behind the ears to look at them, so I figure Quinn and Danny have this one in the bag. Hell, on most days Quinn could take Hiro and Shane by himself.

The heels command the first half of this match, easily, largely thanks to Quinn. Quinn strikes fast and hard, and nobody matches him for the kind of schoolyard humiliations that can wear opponents down. But the momentum reverses about halfway through the match, and it begins to look like the good guys could steal this one from the heels. Hiro in particular seems to have put some spit and polish in his offense since I last saw him, and Shane looks like a quick learner.

The match features mostly tactics we've seen many times, yet the energy is lively and fresh. Despite some incoherence here and there--sloppy edits that gobble up possibly nonexistent segues between moves--the fight is athletic, reckless, and mean. Quinn is the most experienced man on the mat ... and the ringmaster and life of the party. Fortunately, he's also the kind of performer who makes space for others to shine.


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