The Eli Black Pushup

Shane Saunders has a nice build, boyish good looks, and pretty good pushup formation, not up to Eli Black's high standards, but Eli, who names everything after himself (e.g., "the Eli Black pushup"), doesn't like anyone or anything that's not Eli Black. At first blissfully unaware of Eli's reputation, Shane quickly catches on to Eli's sleazeball tactics, and in the course of the new UCW release [#384] he learns to fight fire with fire.

I like Shane. Stand-up guy, photogenic body, and sweet, easy smile. He's going to be a big plus for UCW, I feel. I wouldn't necessarily put money on him against Black, but I would be delighted to see him make a quick name for himself by taking the bigmouth down a notch or two. My hunch is that in time he could rise up in the babyface ranks of heroes like Axel and Michael Hannigan, bastions of decency and integrity, forming a thin spandex line between order and disorder.

No one will be surprised to hear that more than ninety percent of this match is a rookie beatdown, the standard initiatory rite everywhere, with Eli riding Shane like a jet ski. Eli even throws a steel chair into the mix. However, in the closing minutes of the last act Shane provides some unexpected repercussions. Eli's more surprised than anybody by the fire Shane calls forth when pushed into a corner. Is this just a teasing "hope spot," or are we witnessing the birth of a hero?


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