Ten years ago Magnus and Krush brought out the aggressor in each other in three solid matches that are now classics. They fought like they meant it, making the rest of underground wrestling, including some of Krush's other early matches, look like judo exhibitions at the mall. 

In Krushco's latest release, they hit the mat again in 2014 with heaving, grunting action that outpaces their previous collisions for intensity and destruction. If these guys don't have a grudge to settle, they sure know how to make me believe they do.
Krush starts it all off with a sneak attack from behind, slamming Magnus's back with a steel folding chair; I'd say that puts us somewhere between WWF in the 1990s and a brawl in the prison weight room. It happens so fast--a choking submission on Magnus in less than a minute, maybe less than 30 seconds--that it's not even a spoiler to share this information. These guys are just getting started.

So evenly matched are these two that for four falls the fight seesaws back and forth, a submission every two or three minutes, with the fifth and final fall being the tiebreaker. It could go either way. The battle flies off the mat and against the wall for rib-crunching punches and kicks as the two steamroller each other from standing positions. At last one guy heaves the other up off the floor and slams him back down on the mat, where they finish their business like titans. The final two minutes are steely tough and unpredictable. The collision is bigger than life, one decisive exchange getting a groaning slo-mo replay at the end, macho grandiosity on the order of Mad Max or Gladiator or just about anything with Jason Statham in it.


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