Bent Out of Shape

Here are ten screen grabs off UCW's latest [#289]. Despite having a lot in common (skepticism over Axel's dick size being just one instance), Eli Black and new hire Ryan Razor Sharp don't want to be friends. They despise playing nice. They want to fight, a knuckle-dragging caveman duel--no holding back. 

The first third of this 34-minute whopper is warm-up, basically the usual routine of feeling one another out for weak spots. Then the two go at it, tooth and nail, for 20+ minutes in an all-out assault that is one part air strike, one part bust-yer-nuts brawl, climaxing in a knockout while the bell sounds crazily as if pleading for the violence to stop.

Eli and Ryan recognize no limits, or so it seems by the intensity of the fight. I expect broken bones any second now. Stiff chops are exchanged. Hair gets yanked. Twice Eli rebounds off the concrete block wall to blast his substantially bigger opponent with the force of his whole body. This is the rowdy pull-no-punches shit I remember from the Freestyle Combat League days.

Good stuff from a couple of mat sharks skilled in the science of inducing pain and panic.


  1. This is the stuff that excites fans. Both go at it to win. Ryan would be smart to partner with Eli if they could stand it. Eli's matt skills are sic and tests the new comer's endurance and threshold for pain. Ryan's gym work with Marcus however is paying off and he holds his own at one point he has his experienced opponent in a rear choke hold- as he applied pressure, his massive chest expands and biceps bulge- i thought he would was going to snap off Eli's head. Exciting match!


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