Cal versus Flash versus Braden

It took me a second, maybe not even that long, to decide to buy CameronWrestler's fresh new wrestling download: Cal Bennett vs Flash LaCash vs Braden Charron. Even though three-way dances aren't my favorite form of wrestling entertainment, the star power of these three guys is irresistible. And the pointed contrasts among the three practically guarantee in-ring drama.

There's six minutes (out of the total of 21) of poses and tests of strength and endurance before actual wrestling happens. This sort of first act does not do a lot for me, though in this case it does shine some light on the three men's characters: Braden, the know-it-all bodybuilder; Cal, the cool dude, extolling the virtues of flexibility, balance, and stretch over mere bulk; and Flash, the win-at-all-costs cheat. 

Flash kicks off the action by grabbing Cal from behind and locking on a choke. But when Braden advances for a piece of Cal for himself, he walks right into the heel of Cal's boot, a fierce blast to the midsection that staggers Braden. Deftly Cal elbows his way free of Flash's clutches, then hurls Flash into Braden. Incredibly, this leaves Cal, the "little guy," the only man standing in the ring. 

Obviously, Braden isn't going to let this unprepared-for ego-bruising go unpunished. He and Cal lock up. Then Flash piles on, opportunistically going after Braden, keen on eliminating the big iron man first. But Cal feels no loyalty to Flash for this favor and thus puts himself in the awkward position of taking on both muscle thugs at once.

Cal Bennett is the shiny object of my attention these days. I was this guy's fan before I even saw him in action, as I mentioned in a previous post. In addition to the smokin' bod, his deep chesty voice is hot as fuck. Flash LaCash gets sexier with each match I see him in. His sharp features and buoyant resilience are huge draws. Braden Charron, of course, is a cornerstone of underground wrestling these days (BG East, Muscle Domination Wrestling, Thunders Arena). The competition bodybuilder's self-assurance and a try-anything-once attitude keep me coming back for more. 

The fun of this particular match derives from the seemingly endless physical combinations these three great bodies create in the course of 15 minutes. No lasting alliances are established. It's each man for himself the whole way, resulting in Erector-Set configurations of pain and punishment from time to time. A wise man would not bet big money on who wins this one. Just sit back and let it roll all over you. There's no shortage of eye candy, and the chaotic aggression and stream of gratuitous humiliations may be a perfect way to launch 2015!


  1. I recently posted a comment at CameronWrestling about who I found most interesting on his "roster" and who I'd like to see face each other. All three of these men were on my short-list, with, I think, Nese.

    Three-way ring action isn't my favorite thing, either. It's sort of legalized outside interference, which, like this, compromises the validity of anyone's victory. But I also agree that the eye-candy almost justifies it.


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