Over the holidays Thunders Arena shipped free copies of its Marco versus Sly DVD because the audio was off through half the match, including the opening interviews. The Arena filled the silence with a series of excellent drum solos. While I miss hearing the grunts, groans, and trash talk, the drumming is not a bad substitute. Perhaps it should be included as an audio track option on all the company's DVD's releases. (And, while I'm at it, I'd be interested in other track options like wrestler commentaries, too.)

The sound kicks in about halfway through, and the noise of Marco and Sly's exertion and agony enlivens the escalation of tensions between the two. The remarkable Marco, 5'8", 180#, is completely convincing as a tough opponent for Sly, 5'10", 223#. In the final minutes he strips off Sly's singlet to reveal the full splendor of the big wrestler's hairy, pierced, and heaving hulk, but it's a full dose of sexy aggression from start to finish. The only disappointment is I may never know what Marco is saying when, early in the contest, he vigorously presses his crotch to Sly's face. I can only imagine--but, thankfully, I have a vivid imagination.


  1. If I'd been writing the script, Marco would have been victorious, foot on Sly's carcass, arms posed in a double bi.


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